Why Choose Us?

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"Restoring health, alleviating pain, and preventing the onset of impairments, functional limitations, disabilities, or change in physical function and health status resulting from injury, disease, or other causes."

Our Core Values

Training with purpose: this is essentially “knowing” why you train, the reason(s) for your fitness journey. Having long term goals and milestones beyond superficial needs to work towards consistently, will help you stay true to your intentions and to get the most out of your sessions. We focus on training methods, exercises and movements that have high carry over to everyday living.

Focus on the continuous journey rather than end results. This is based on regular commitment to classes and striving to better yourself physically and mentally each day. Monthly goal outcomes to keep you accountable. Aim for progress over perfection. Many small wins consistently will create significant, sustainable progress. Check-ins with your coach to monitor your progress. Train with the aim to do a little bit better that you did previously.

We are a community of diversed individuals with a common goal to better ourselves through improved fitness. We are all about supporting and encouraging one another through comradeship. Everyone is accepted and welcomed in an environment catered to a diversed community. Primal is a supporter of the Inner-west local community and various Australian NGO groups.

Our programs and services are grounded by science and research. There is no guess work here. All programs are developed in accordance to the fundamental principals in exercise science, health and sports. From the types of classes to the exercises, training methods, repetitions, nutritional advice and so on. This ensures safety and members getting the most out of their training.


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