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Massage Membership

All The Adaptive Massages Benefits And More…

Stress and pain don’t have to be part of your life. We know how receiving massage regularly can improve your health and your outlook, which is why we offer an extensive range of remedial and therapeutic massage treatments at affordable rates for both members and guests.

The benefits of receiving regular massages are cumulative and much more effective when received regularly. The more often and consistently you receive a massage, the better your body can feel.

Become a member to enjoy discounts and VIP privileges today.

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Ronald Gregory

Had a great session today with Devi. Devi releases my knots and worked on my scar tissue. I went there feeling stiff, sore and uptight, but left feeling relaxed andcould move so much better. She spent time explaining about movement and recovery. I look forward to our next session. Thank you Again!

A Massage Every Month

Consistency is key when it comes to helping you feel like yourself again. Stay on track with a massage each month.

Extra Massages for Less

You’re not limited to just one massage at membership rates—it’s unlimited! Treat yourself as often as you’d like.

Month-to-Month Membership

Our Massage membership is month to month and can be canceled at anytime.

Carry Over What You Don't Use

We know you may not always have time for a massage. That’s okay! Your unused massages carry over for three months.

Join for only $92.00 / Month!

Brandy West

Absolutely an Awesome place - I have been a client for a few months to treat my shoulder pain and have never felt better. Travis is fantastic remedial massage therapist. I love his methodical approach as he works through my many shoulder issues. 10/10 will definitely recommend.

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Benefits Of Becoming A Member

You know that amazing feeling you get after having a massage? With a massage every month, you never have to be without it. Experience the benefits of routine massage.

Make a commitment to your health and recovery with a regular monthly massage

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the membership?

The membership is $92/month.

How it works.

On signing up to the membership you will be charged $92 which will entitle you to a massage immediately and then the 1st of every month your recurring membership payment will come out. 

For example if you sign up on the 15th May you will be charged $92 which will give you 1 massage credit immediately and the on the 1st June you will be charge again which will give you a credit for the month of June. Thereafter on the 1st of each month your membership payment will come out. 

How many massages do I get per month?

Your membership payment entitles you to 1 prepaid massage per month at the discounted rate.

If you wish to have extra massages during the month you can get the same great discounted rate, but you will need to pay for the massage at the time of the service. 

What if I want another massage in the same month?

You receive the member rate on all massages within the month.

Are there any other fees?

No. We do not charge any joining fees. 

What types of massages can i have?

You can choice from any of our massage options:-

  • Remedial Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Relaxation Massage
How long is the membership agreement?

This is not a lock-in contract and you can cancel at any time, however we ask for 2 months notice to exit the agreement.

Can I “freeze” my Monthly Membership?

Membership can be frozen up to a maximum of 3 months every year.  Freeze form available HERE

Can I use my Monthly Benefits while my account is frozen?

While frozen, your Benefits will be unavailable, but when you resume your Membership, your Benefits will continue to carry over from exactly where you left off with us – your three month freeze will not be counted towards your 3-month “roll over”.

How do I cancel my membership?

The Membership Cancellation form is available HERE

Please note as per our Terms & Conditions there is a 2 month notice period required.  During this 2 month period you can continue to enjoy our services. However, any unused massage credits will expire on cancellation.

If I cancel my Monthly Membership, can I still use any stored up massage credits?

Unfortunately no.  Your Massage Credits will only “roll over” with an Active Account.  Once your account is cancelled, any remaining Massage Credits will lapse. Cancel form available HERE.

I can not make the massage this month what happens to my credit?

Sometimes, a busy schedule can get in the way and the month has gone by without a massage.

All unused credit will roll forward for a maximum period of three months, after which time they expire if unused.


What qualifications do the therapists have?

Each therapist must have as a minimum requirement of  Diploma of Remedial Massage.

Can I claim HICAPS?

You can not claims HICAPS at the time of the payment, as Health Funds only allow members to claim once the service has been performed.

However. if you wish to make a claim please let your Massage Therapist know at the time of the treatment and they will email you a receipt which you can then use to make a claim with your health fund provider. 

Health Fund rebates may vary depending on your provider and your particular level of cover.


Samuel Tur

I play golf a lot and have been getting a sore shoulder when hitting the golf ball. My friend recommended I got try and massage at Adaptive Massage. I had Travis for the massage. He was super informative, quickly diagnosed the cause, explained what he was going to do, then straight into working on the shoulder. The best part is my shoulder no longer hurts and I can enjoy playing golf again. Highly recommended and I will certainly be back again.


Had a great massage with Devi today. She was very friendly and personable and we had a few laughs. She really focused on the areas that needed attention and tailored the massage to what my body needed. Devi made sure I was comfortable the whole time and gave me some stretches/after care instructions once our session had ended.
I'll definitely be back and will book a longer session next time as 1 hour wasn't enough to fix all my problem areas 😆
Would love to try out dry needling as well once Devi is set up to do this.

Tonya Jones

I had a remedial massage here and it was amazing! Travis assessed my condition (taking a thorough history of my ailments/contributing factors), which I have never had before and then gave a firm and purposeful massage. He also provided me with helpful suggestions for ongoing maintenance. All this in such a relaxing environment! Would not hesitate to suggest Travis and Adaptive Massage to anyone!

Samantha Jansen

Devi was very friendly and professional. We sat down first to chat about what my problems/sore muscles are she then told me where she was going to massage and why. During the massage she always checked if she had the right pressure. Very good communication and I will definitely be back 🙂