Are you eager to get back to your sport? Are you looking for effective rehabilitation to achieve peak performance? Our sports physiotherapists will help you return to sport safely and at full strength!

Return To Sport Program

Returning to sports after an injury can be a challenging journey, often fraught with the fear of re-injury and frustration due to slow recovery. Injuries can sideline even the most dedicated athletes, but without the correct rehabilitation, you might face repeated setbacks or further damage, potentially ending your sports career prematurely.

If you’ve found yourself out of the game due to an injury or if you’re struggling to recover after a sports-related incident, it’s crucial to approach your comeback with a strategic rehabilitation plan. Injuries not only limit your performance and progress but can also lead to chronic pain or recurring issues in the long run.

At Adaptive Allied Health in Booragoon, we understand these challenges. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Return to Sport program designed by our Sports Physiotherapists & Exercise Physiologists specifically for athletes and weekend warriors recovering from injuries or surgery. Our goal is not just injury prevention but ensuring a robust and informed recovery. Whether your injury allows for a quick comeback or requires extended physical therapy, our program provides a tailored post-therapy route back to full activity.

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What is the Return to Sport Program?

Sports Physiotherapy aims to enhance an athlete’s strength, range of motion, balance, and mobility, while also alleviating pain and reducing inflammation. After these initial goals are achieved, our Return to Sport program provides a sport-specific, personalized regimen designed to return the athlete to their sport safely, effectively, and swiftly. During your sessions, our athletic trainers will continuously evaluate your needs concerning joint proprioception, drive, power, agility, and the ability to change direction quickly.

Do I need to have physical therapy before starting a Return to Sport program?

Yes. We strongly believe that injuries should first be addressed through physical therapy. This initial phase allows us to effectively manage pain and inflammation and address any acute needs. Once your Sports Physiotherapist has determined you are ready, you can begin our Return to Sport program.

If you’re dealing with a recent or long-standing injury, don’t hesitate to call and schedule a Sports Physiotherapy evaluation. We’re here to support your recovery and ensure you can return to performing at your best on the court or field.

Ongoing Injury Prevention From Re-injury

Once you are back it is most important that you don’t re-injure yourself. We ensure you are stronger than you were before you had the injury and give you tools to keep strong and prevent a re-injury.  Boko an consult with our Sports Physiotherapist to find out how we can help. 

We commonly treat people from all sporting backgrounds, including:

Regain Your Competitive Edge Now With The Help Of Our Sports Physiotherapists

Our Return to Sport program is designed for those who are serious about their athletic performance.

If you’re tired of the setbacks and limitations caused by your injury, you’ll feel reassured and motivated after consulting with our expert Physiotherapists. They’re ready to help you overcome obstacles and achieve peak performance once again.

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