Private Health Rebates

If you’ve got a niggle or subtle pain, an old injury that you can’t quite shake off or something a little more acute, one of our experienced team will be able to help you. Exercise Physiologists specialize in the treatment and management of injury recovery and rehabilitation. Our focus is on what we call functional strength and conditioning, that is that we focus on bringing your fitness and strength back up to the level that it was at prior to your original injury.

We differ from Physiotherapists in our specializations and approach. Rather than being experts at diagnosis, we are the experts at designing programs to help you get back to, and exceed, your previous best health. We promote a philosophy of rehabilitation through movement, rather than rehabilitation through inactivity. Meaning, we will work with you to ensure that you are still able to exercise through and around your physical limitations.

One of the great shifts in the health system over the last decade has been the growing awareness around the benefits of consistent exercise and physical activity. These benefits extend not only to weight loss, strength improvements, pain management, heart and lung health and capacity but also to a proven reduction in all-cause mortality. As a result of this, Private Health Insurers are including Exercise Physiology services more and more in their service offering.

As all of our Exercise Physiologists are accredited and have Medicare Provider Numbers, we are registered with all of the Private Health Insurers. The major ones that we are registered with include:

– Medibank
– Australian Unity

There are many others and we’ve only listed the major organizations above. So if you’ve got an old injury, a new one, a niggle that you can’t get right or just want some help with a tailored exercise program, our team can help you to access your rebates through your Private Health Fund.