Accredited exercise physiologists are highly-trained professionals who specialize in helping individuals manage physical ailments such as joint stiffness and mobility issues associated with arthritis or other joint pain. They understand how environmental factors, dietary habits and different activities all play a role in producing positive health outcomes which allows them to design tailored physical activity plans that consider individual needs, goals, and abilities. Exercise physiology is an incredibly powerful tool for injury rehabilitation as it helps to strengthen weakened muscles/joints while simultaneously increasing range of motion. Accredited exercise physiologists can assess current fitness levels and range of motion as well as muscular strength/endurance; this is essential for those suffering from underlying pathology or complex musculoskeletal injuries as it gives them a chance to progress towards their health goals without risking any further damage. 

When it comes to managing arthritis specifically, accredited exercise physiologists use their expertise to develop programs that are designed around the individual’s specific needs and adapted over time if necessary. Their main focus is always on creating manageable strategies for self-management which include increasing physical activity levels (with rest days built in). This not only reduces symptoms but also decreases the risk of long-term total disability resulting from the condition. 

At Adaptive Allied Health, our exercise physiologists offer clinical services which can improve muscle strength without unnecessary increases in joint stress; this makes the process of managing joint stiffness and tackling arthritis much easier by providing an effective way to reduce pain while also improving overall function. They’re also able to collaborate closely with other healthcare professionals such as surgeons, sports medicine specialists or orthopedists so that treatments from both fields can be combined together effectively–this ensures that each individual’s unique recovery needs are met accurately and safely! 

If you are dealing with any type of mobility issue and want to get back to living your life without pain, managing joint stiffness or arthritis, consider making an appointment with us for a free consultation. One of our expert exercise physiologists will develop a personalized plan to help reduce your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

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