Lower back pain and injury can be difficult to manage, but a combined approach of remedial massage and exercise physiology might be the answer for women looking for relief. This integrated treatment plan offers a comprehensive solution that takes into consideration both physical and psychological elements in order to achieve maximum benefit. Read on to find out more about this tailored treatment plan that could help you find relief from lower back pain or injury

Remedial massage works by targeting specific areas of tightness or restriction in order to reduce muscle tension and improve circulation, ultimately giving you relief from any discomfort. Techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, padded pressure, kneading, compression, joint mobilization and more are used by the therapist to manipulate soft tissues in order to achieve maximum benefit. You may particularly benefit from remedial massage if they experience chronic lower back tightness resulting from heavy physical labour or prolonged sitting because it helps reduce muscle tension which can lead to improved posture throughout daily life activities such as walking or standing upright for long periods of time minimized muscular fatigue over time while preventing further injuries from occurring due to improper use of muscles. Additionally remedial massage has been shown to help people recover faster after an acute injury occurs due to its ability to increase circulation and reduce inflammation which aids in the healing process. 

Exercise physiology is another key component of this integrated approach as it educates patients on how best to use their bodies during activities without putting additional strain on their existing injuries as well as providing them with an individualized exercise program focused on maintaining general health, improving strength and stability, reducing pain intensity levels and achieving optimal functional capacity. This includes taking various factors into account such as age, lifestyle habits and pre-existing conditions so that your program is tailor-made specifically for you with the goal of preventing future injury recurrence while helping those who have experienced serious lower back issues gain confidence in their own bodies through slow yet effective progressions towards their recovery goals. 

In conclusion, combining remedial massage with exercise physiology offers a comprehensive solution for managing lower back pain or injury effectively within a holistic framework where both physical & psychological interventions are taken into consideration. If this treatment plan sounds like something that could benefit you then it’s worth reaching out and booking a Free Consultation today!

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