Lower back pain and injury can cause significant discomfort and impede everyday activities, but there is a systematic solution. Combining remedial massage with exercise physiology is an integrated approach that treats the body as a whole rather than focusing on an isolated area of pain or dysfunction. Read on to find out how this treatment plan can help you manage your lower back pain or injury. 

Remedial massage works by targeting specific areas of the body where tightness or restrictions may be contributing to pain. Through various techniques, such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, padded pressure, kneading, compression, joint mobilization and more, the therapist will manipulate soft tissues in order to reduce muscle tension and improve circulation, ultimately giving you relief from any discomfort. 

Exercise physiology focuses on creating individualized exercise programs tailored to each client’s specific needs and abilities. This approach is aimed at educating people about their condition so they understand why certain exercises are best for them in order to restore functional movement patterns within the musculoskeletal system. It also helps prevent further injuries from occurring due to excessive strain or overuse of certain muscles. 

Combined together these two treatments can have powerful effects on lower back pain management and injury prevention. For example, if you experience chronic lower back tightness resulting from prolonged sitting or poor posture then combining remedial massage with exercise physiology might be beneficial for you. The remedial massage will help reduce muscle tension while exercise physiology will create an individualized program that strengthens weak areas in order to maintain good posture throughout daily life activities such as walking or standing upright for long periods of time minimized muscular fatigue over time while preventing further injuries from occurring due to improper use of muscles. 

In conclusion, integrating remedial massage with exercise physiology is effective in treating lower back pain both acutely and chronically while helping prevent future injuries from occurring. If you’re curious about how this treatment plan could help you manage your lower back pain or injury then it’s worth reaching out and booking a Free Consultation today!

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