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Elbow pain can be among the most disruptive and uncomfortable types of pain, significantly affecting your daily activities.

If you’ve recently suffered from a painful elbow condition, it’s crucial to understand your treatment options for this complex joint. Without proper care and treatment, there is a risk that the condition may not heal correctly, potentially leading to recurrent issues or even more severe damage in the future.

Elbow conditions often restrict your mobility and can be frustrating due to slow recovery rates. You might also face the ongoing threat of chronic elbow or forearm pain, which can impact your ability to perform simple tasks.

Dealing with elbow pain can be a highly stressful experience.

The Physiotherapists at Adaptive Allied Health in Booragoon are here to assist you through this challenging time safely and effectively. We bring experience and dedication to the table and are always ready to address any concerns you may have.

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Why Am I Having Elbow Pain?

There are numerous reasons why you may be experiencing elbow pain. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the injury, these injuries should be evaluated by a physiotherapist to ensure a speedy recovery and no long-term damage.

Some Of The Most Common Causes Of Elbow Pain Are As Follows:

Elbow Sprain / Strain

Sprains and strains are frequently mixed up! Sprains occur when a ligament is stretched or torn, whereas strains happen when a muscle or tendon is stretched or torn.

Elbow sprains and strains are common. Unexpected tissue overstretching can result in a tear, swelling, pain, and difficulty moving.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow may be caused by tendonitis or tendinosis. Tendinitis occurs when the tendons of the outer elbow (lateral epicondyle) become inflamed. If it is caused by repetitive tasks, it is more likely tendonitis, which does not respond to anti-inflammatory medication.

Tennis elbow is commonly associated with tasks such as holding a tennis racket, a paintbrush, or a hammer. Tenderness will be severe around the outside of your elbow, causing pain when gripping, lifting, or twisting your forearm.

Golfer’s Elbow

Medial (inside) epicondylitis, also known as “golfer’s elbow,” is a condition that is similar to tennis elbow except that the pain is on the inside of the elbow. This injury is commonly caused by overuse of the muscles that flex your wrist and fingers and can be classified as tendinitis or tendinosis depending on whether there is inflammation in the tendons surrounding the inner aspect of the elbow.

Nerve Injuries

Several nerves run from the upper arm to the forearm and hand via the elbow. Nerve injuries can occur in the ulnar, radial, median, medial antebrachial cutaneous, and lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerves.

Traction and compression are the most common nerve injuries, particularly in athletes who place forceful, repetitive stresses across their elbow joints.

Numbness, tingling, or temperature loss are common symptoms of nerve injuries. Overuse nerve injuries are accompanied by swelling, which reduces the nerve’s ability to function correctly. In severe nerve injuries, muscle function is disrupted, and paralysis can occur.

Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) Sprain

Throwing can cause the ligaments on the inner side of your elbow to stretch or tear. Injuries to the UCL account for 10% of all injuries in professional baseball and can devastate a player’s career.


Tendinopathy is a medical term that refers to any problem with a tendon, such as a disease, injury, or disorder. The following are the most common tendon injuries:

Tendinitis: Tendinitis is defined as tendon inflammation. Acute injuries, such as minor or partial tearing, can cause an inflammatory response and pain, especially if the affected area is moved.

The rate at which this condition heals is one way to identify it. These kinds of injuries heal quickly because they progress from inflammation to tissue repair.

Tendinosis: Tendinosis describes a dysfunctional tendon without elaborating on the pathological process. It is commonly used to describe overuse conditions. According to recent research, most overuse tendon pathologies lack inflammatory cells.

It is important to note that overuse tendon disorders frequently take a long time and are a slow process to heal. In some cases, treating degenerative collagen with anti-inflammatory medications like corticosteroid injections or oral medications can impede healing!

Elbow Fractures (Olecranon)

The most common cause of upper extremity fractures, including elbow fractures, is falls. This is because the natural reaction when falling is to try to catch yourself and lead with the arm to absorb the fall.

If you are suffering from any of these conditions, please do not hesitate to contact Adaptive Allied Health in Booragoon for assistance.


Will Physiotherapy Help My Ankle Pain?

If you or someone you care about is experiencing elbow pain, our physiotherapy center in Booragoon can provide the assistance you need. During your first visit, our skilled physiotherapists will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the source of your elbow pain and develop a personalized treatment plan. We are committed to helping you resume your normal activities as quickly as possible.

Our initial goals are to enhance joint mobility, relieve pain, and strengthen the muscles around your elbow and forearm. Our physiotherapy treatment plans typically include specialized hands-on techniques such as joint mobilization and soft tissue massage. We also incorporate exercises aimed at improving your arm’s balance, coordination, and function.

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms as a result of your elbow condition?

If you answered “yes” and are seeking a solution that tackles the root cause of your problem, then we are here to help you:

If you’ve had to suffer through any of the scenarios above, then it’s about time you get the professional help you need, and we can provide just that.

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