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Your Back Pain Solution

Is back pain preventing you from doing what you want? Have you ever slept poorly because of back pain or straining your back while moving something heavy? Perhaps you hurt your back while playing a sport.

Suffering from back problems causes so much more than a dull pain or slight discomfort.

Back pain can get you down, both in spirit and posture, and it’s always there in the background of your daily life, leaving you frustrated and wondering how long you have to put up with this pain and discomfort that severely affects your physical and mental wellbeing.

This is why it’s about time that you do something about it.

No matter what the cause is, our physiotherapists at Adaptive Allied Health can help you get the back pain relief you’ve been looking for!

Our Booragoon physiotherapy clinic is ready to assist you.

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What Caused My Back Pain?

There are several causes of back pain, and determining the underlying cause can be difficult. Fortunately, our highly trained physiotherapists can assist you in determining all of the factors causing your condition and developing a comprehensive plan to address them all!

Our physiotherapists at Adaptive Allied Health in Booragoon treat all types of back pain. We employ research-backed strategies that have been shown to produce long-term results.

The Following Are Some Of The Most Common Causes Of Back Pain:

Muscle Strain
A back sprain occurs when the ligaments in your spine are overstretched, whereas a back strain occurs when your back muscles are overstretched. These injuries are frequently associated with a lifting injury or an accident (i.e., motor vehicle accident, slip, or fall).
Poor posture and prolonged positions
Our spines are built to move. Poor posture/prolonged positions are one of the most common causes of back pain. Our modern society is much more sedentary than previous generations, and the prevalence of back pain is increasing. Back pain from poor posture is frequently associated with prolonged activities such as sitting and standing. Maintaining a posture can irritate the tissues in your body, resulting in pain, dysfunction, and, in the long run, inflammation or injury.
Bulging or Herniated discs
Discs are specialized tissues that connect two vertebrae (i.e., spine bones). The discs help direct the movement of our spines, absorb forces, and protect the bones from injury. Bending and twisting movements are particularly dangerous to the discs, especially when lifting in these positions. The disc is also vulnerable to prolonged sitting or awkward task postures. Injury to the discs can cause severe back pain and lead to a more serious condition known as radiculopathy (nerve pain) in your thigh, leg, or foot (aka sciatica). The good news is that physiotherapy at our West Brantford, Simcoe, Paris, East Brantford, Tillsonburg, Delhi and Hamilton, ON clinic can help you if you are suffering from back pain caused by disc problems.
A back sprain occurs when the ligaments in your spine are overstretched, whereas a back strain occurs when your back muscles are overstretched. These injuries are frequently associated with a lifting injury or an accident (i.e., motor vehicle accident, slip, or fall).
Degenerative disc disease (DDD)
Another common cause of back pain is degenerative disc disease, which is most commonly associated with aging. Degenerative changes can also be caused by smoking, certain medications, and injury. Pain from degenerative disc disease frequently manifests as changes in mobility and is commonly felt when initiating movement after a prolonged position (i.e., sitting, standing, or lying). People frequently describe a dull, painful ache in the lower back that worsens with prolonged standing or walking. Whatever the cause of your back pain, our South Coast Physiotherapy physiotherapists can help you get to the bottom of it and, more importantly, give you the tools you need to get rid of it!

If you have been suffering through these cases, and the pain nags at you and stops you doing the activities that really matter, like playing outside with your kids or participating in sporting events you used to enjoy.

Then a visit with our Physiotherapists will give you that much needed glimpse of real, attainable hope.

Will Physiotherapy Help My Back Pain?

Approximately 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Addressing the issue as soon as symptoms arise is crucial for effective relief and recovery.

When left untreated, back pain can persist, worsen, and in severe cases, may lead to the need for surgery. Research shows that seeking physiotherapy early can significantly alleviate pain and reduce the risk of further complications.

Common symptoms in the early stages of back pain include discomfort or pain in the upper or lower back, often accompanied by stiffness along the spine. You may experience sharp aches or soreness in specific areas, which can become more pronounced after prolonged sitting or standing. Muscle spasms and difficulty maintaining one position for an extended period are also typical indicators of back issues.

Additional symptoms of back pain may include:

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, our Booragoon physiotherapy clinic can help! Our therapists are experts at determining and treating the cause of your neck pain!

Relieve Your Back Pain Now With The Help Of Our Physiotherapists

You don’t have to live with back pain. Your condition, more than likely, is completely treatable.

At Adaptive Allied Health, we are dedicated to and experienced in helping people like you find relief from acute and chronic back pain. It’s time to stop suffering and resume living the life you love.

At Adaptive Allied Health, we understand your pain and concerns. We have years of experience in helping people suffering from the same problems. You might feel like you’ve tried everything to get rid of the pain, but we look at things differently – first, we uncover the source of the pain, and from there we can chart your road to recovery.

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